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Evaporative Coolers offer a simple way to stay cool during those long summer days without breaking the bank.  Evaporative cooler provide natural cooling through the evaporative process.
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We offer a wide variety of Portable Electric Fans . From small clip on fans to larger oscillating fans.  Manu of our electric fans and ceiling fans are made in the USA
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When you really need to move some air, Exhaust and Window Fans get the job done.  Window exhaust fans can remove hot air from the home and draw in cool evening air at almost no cost
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CEILING FANS and VAULTED CEILINGS:When a ceiling fan mounts on an angled ceiling you will need to drop the fan on a longer downrod. The downrod must be long enough to allow the blades to clear the angled ceiling and allow for space between the ceiling and the blade tips. There are minimum requirements based on your pitch and angle. You may wish to use longer downrods than needed depending on your ceiling height. Ceiling fans which are mounted on angled ceilings over 30 degrees may require the purchase of an additional slope ceiling adaptor kit.

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  • No home is complete without ceiling fans.  A ceiling fan is Ideal to quietly cool a room without the louder noise of smaller fans with higher RPM motors.  Many of our ceiling fans are made in the USA as well and can improve the ambiance of any room. >> More Ceiling Fan Info
  • Portable Evaporative Coolers are effective and efficient for cooling. Designed specifically for natures hot and dry climates, evaporative cooling is so cost efficient it is almost as if you are getting something for nothing. Evaporative coolers are also known as Swamp Coolers.  During hot dry conditions an evaporative cooler can cool more efficiently than any other cooling device, often using less than 100 watts and cooling the air by over 10 degrees.  Although evaporative cooler systems work best in dry areas they will work sufficiently in just about any hot location were there is a fresh air supply such as an open window or door. >> More Evaporative Cooler Info
  • Portable electric fans make a great addition to any home and while most portable electric fans may seem to perform the same cooling function, there are may choices and differences to ponder.  We are pleased to offer a line of fans made in the USA to our customers, simply follow the link below and look at the "Air King Electric Fans".  Moreover, we offer electric fans that have oscillating functions and high quality steel construction.  >> More Electric Fan Info
  • Exhaust fans and window exhaust fans can be used to cool large areas in the afternoon or evening.  Did you know that one exhaust fan can replace the hot stale air in an average size home within 2 hours!  By using an exhaust fan or a window exhaust fan in the evening hours you can cool the inside temperature of your home by over 10 degrees.  We also have many customers who use exhaust fans during the winter time to remove stale air out of the house in exchange for fresh air.  >> More Exhaust Fan Info