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Electric Fan FAQs

While ACs provide powerful and effective cooling, electric fans are the only appliances that cool by using a considerably low amount of energy and work to actually move and circulate the air while in operation. Moreover, in especially hot climates, electric fans can be used in conjunction with an AC and can actually help lower energy costs by allowing you to set your air conditioner's thermostat at a higher temperature.  Below are some helpful electric fan FAQs that may assist you in your search for an electric fan:

History of Electric Fans

How long have electric fans been in existence?
Electric fans have been used around the world to keep people cool and comfortable since the advent of electricity.  Read more about the history of electric fans here


Electric Fans and CFM

When shopping for an electric fan, I often see the term "CFM" mentioned.  What is CFM and why is it important?
CFM stands for "Cubic Feet Per Minute" and is basically the amount of air a fan moves.  A fan's CFM helps you know what fan is right for your home.  Learn more about CFMshere


Save Money with an Electric Fan

Can I really save money on my electric bill with an electric fan?
Yes.  An electric fan is many times more energy efficient than a standard AC and is even better for the environment.  Learn how an electric fan can cut down on energy costshere


Reversible Electric Fans

How can I use an electric fan in the winter?
If your fan has a reversible motor and blades, you can use these to your advantage. When used in the winter, a reversible fan brings warm, risen air from a heater back into a room.  Learn more about this energy-saving technique here.


Mounting Ceiling Fan

How do I mount a ceiling fan?
A ceiling fan can make a real difference in your home's climate and your overall comfort levels.  Most ceiling fans are relatively easy to mount and only require a few simple tools.  For instructions on how to mount a ceiling fan, click here



Exhaust Fan FAQ

What is an exhaust fan?
Exhaust fans add ventilation and also help eliminate moisture and odor problems.  Thus, they improve both your home and health.  Learn more about exhaust fans here.


Industrial Fan FAQ

What is an industrial fan?
Industrial fans are ideal for areas where heat stratification, dampness, and stagnant air become frequent problems.  Therefore, for high volume, high static pressure, an industrial fan is the solution.  Learn more about industrial fanshere


Misting Fan FAQ

What is a misting fan?
Misting fans utilize cool air and moisture to refresh and reduce temperatures on hot, dry days.  They are primarily used outdoors and are great for outdoor parties, sporting events, sunbathing, and more.  Learn more about misting fanshere


Portable Air Conditioner FAQ

What is a portable air conditioner?
Portable ACs are mobile air conditioners that efficiently cool without having to be permanently installed.  In addition, they can be easily moved from room to room.  For more information on portable air conditioners,click here


Evaporative Cooler FAQ

What is an evaporative cooler?
Evaporative coolers (or swamp coolers) are simple devices that utilize evaporation to provide a cooling effect.  They are also inexpensive, very energy efficient, and easy to maintain.  Learn more about evaporative coolershere