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The common misconception of electric fans is that they're simply used for climate control, but in actuality, electric fans are used for a range of purposes such as adding ventilation, exhaust, or any other type of gaseous transport. Electric fans also come in a variety of shapes and styles, and the type you choose will depend on your specific needs. This helpful how-to guide will help you decide which electric fan will be right for you and will cover topics such the following:

  • Why You Should Purchase an Electric Fan

  • How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill with an Electric Fan

  • How to Install Various Types of Electric Fans

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What is an Electric Fan, Why Do You Need One, and Which Type Where?

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Need general information on the technology behind electric fans, the different types available, and which style will be best suited for your setting?  This section discusses all of these topics and more. 


How to Slash Your Electric Bill with an Electric Fan

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Cooling costs can account for a significant part of a household's energy bill, but did you know that by using a portable fan or ceiling fan to supplement your existing cooling system, you can raise your thermostat setting 3° F, save money, and feel just as comfortable? 



Electric Fan Types, Benefits, and Installation Guides

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If you already know what type of electric fan you need but want more information on the various types, this section is for you.  Furthermore, this section will also provide you with installation instructions for various fans, including ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and bathroom fans. 



Electric Fan Glossary

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Not sure what terms like CFM or RPM mean?  This glossary defines some common electric fan terms to make your purchasing decision easier. 


Electric Fan Comparison Charts

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See comparison charts of some of our most popular electric fans and what features they have to offer.